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Kiss Lead Goodbye! Contest Entrees

The Winner! Entered by Iona Pelovska from Toronto, Canada (click to watch) *Warning--Do not watch this video if you have epilepsy or are sensitive to strobe lights.

Finalist: Entered by Kayla Falk from Palm Beach, Florida (click to watch)
Finalist: Entered by Andrew Gerber from Sewell, New Jersey

Videos (Click image to watch)

Entered by Kristi Marsh from North Easton, Massachusetts

Entered by Becky Sturm from Saint Paul, Minnesota

Entered by Aysha Sun from Tweeds Head South, Australia

Entered by Cassandra DePetrillo from Toronto, Canada

Entered by Ellie Leonardsmith from Providence, Rhode Island

Entered by Kathy Fielding from Los Angeles, California

Entered by Patti Coughlin from Thousand Oaks, California

Entered by Tony Frantz from Fort Wayne, Indiana


Entered by Betsy Sansby from Minnetonka, Minnesota

Entered by Michelle Line from Batavia, Illionois

Entered by Monica Church from Poughkeepsie, New York

Entered by Rachel Loh from Singapore

Entered by Renee White from Oakland, Tennessee

Entered by Sarah Jo Willey from Bakersfield, Vermont

Entered by Sarah Hamilton

Entered by Tanya Notkoff from Escondido, California

Entered by Whitney Queale from Fredericton, New Brunswick