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Kristi Marsh

Founder and Force behind, Speaker, and Author of Little Changes: Tales of a Reluctant Home Eco-Momics Pioneer

Rockstar Quote:
Choose Wiser, Select Simpler, Respect the Body & Enjoy the Journey!

Why She Rocks:
It all started when Kristi discovered a lump and got a diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer. She began fervently reading, researching, and having some “Aha!” moments that ignited in her a passion and sense of mission that has helped change and shape countless lives. Kristi Marsh is rockin’ the shift to safer products, smarter laws, and healthier people and planet.

After being diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at age 36 (and with three young children at home), Kristi started on the messy quest to reduce harmful chemicals in her life.

“It was amazing to me how many circles of friends were like myself, and lived a life without knowing about the lack of safety in our personal care products,” Kristi told us. “In the mainstream world, there just isn’t a social comfort level in asking, ‘Hey, did you know your lipstick could contain lead?’ This became my focus - to make environmental health an everyday topic among mainstream women. I set out to make this a discussion-able topic. To spread the message about important yet unsexy topics like phthalates, endocrine disruptors, and BPA without making people run in the other direction. I wake every morning excited to do my part and keep breathing energy into this swelling movement.”

Over four years, Kristi built her Choose Wiser nation from scratch. Kristi elected herself the Unofficial Representative of the Everyday-Me. She taught herself PowerPoint, purchased a projection screen on Craigslist for five bucks, and developed a positive, engaging, “can-do” workshop. Moving from book club to church group to hayrides to hospitals, Kristi taught curious women about ways they could detox their lives easily and economically. She established her website, Choose Wiser, and took community classes on social marketing. She joined Toastmasters, strengthened her public speaking skills, and honed her presentations. she now presents her workshops across the country and has even testified about BPA in front of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

This past February, Kristi released her first book, Little Changes — an amazing and powerful story of how we can all make little changes in our homes for the health of families and ourselves. To launch her book, Kristi became her own agent, publisher and distribution-center manager. 

We’re honoring Kristi as our first Rockstar because she’s sharing her passion, knowledge, and journey with others in a fun, approachable way, and sharing the message of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics far and wide. (We dusted off this retro-video of her early years to share with you!)  

Kristi empowers and encourages her audiences and lets them know it’s not about perfection, it’s about the journey. She’s an extra-ordinary Everyday-Me who’s challenging the mainstream status quo.

Thanks for rockin’, Kristi! We can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing next!

 Rockstar Tips From Kristi:

    1. Replace one product you use with a wiser choice. Then move on to the next. Celebrate your forward momentum!
    2. The seriousness of science, the overwhelming fear of toxins, and the gravity of diseases and disorders—while devastatingly real—can make the message hard for many people to hear. Remind yourself: It is okay to enjoy what you do. It is okay to have fun.
    3. Be yourself! Find what you love. Make soap? Sing songs? Create videos? Lead school committees? Teach children? Infuse the message of health into your surroundings.
    4. The hardest part of sharing the message is feeling like you don’t have the perfect words. The words are inside you already. Be bold! Say it, post it, tweet it, pin it, link it, share it—you wouldn’t believe how many women are already silently wondering the same thing.
    5. You don’t have to be an articulate speaker. Your actions speak volumes, and yes, people are watching your actions. They aren’t watching and criticizing—they are curious and want to learn. They will learn from you just by your kind smile and your willingness to share.

    Check out Kristi’s website for ways to learn more and plug in!

    Star Bio: Kristi has been recognized by Prevention magazine’s Picture of Health, Clean Water Action’s 2011 John O’Connor Award, Healthy Living magazine’s Champion of Health 2010 Awards, and Greenschool’s 2009 Outstanding Leadership Awards. She also earned second place in Toastmasters 2011 International Speech Contest in Massachusetts. When she’s not encouraging Everyday-Me’s to make little changes in their lives or speaking at events, she loves to travel with her family, run with her headphones, and enjoy her chickens and bunnies from her sunny back porch.

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