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Sherrell Dorsey

EcoGlamour Expert + Environmental Justice Ninja

Rockstar Quote
“Treat the earth well; it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.” -Native American Proverb

Why She Rocks
Sherrell Dorsey is a leader supporting other women, organizations, and companies in their journey to becoming Rockstars of the eco-beauty world. She is a Rockstar’s Rockstar!

Sherrell --a passionate fashionista who loves to rock trendy colors and looks--was working as a marketing assistant for a startup cosmetics line under the tutelage of a cancer survivor when she discovered the news: toxins in cosmetics could potentially lead to cancer and other diseases. She hurried home that same day, grabbed the biggest trash bag she could find, and began dumping all of her questionable cosmetics and personal care products. She then spent hours scouring her local drug store for natural and organic products and reading labels and to find which products were the safest. Sherrell’s mission to detox her life and evangelize others had begun. In her quest to learn more about the world of safe cosmetics, she read books like Not Just a Pretty Face, Toxic Beauty, and The Natural Year as well as trade journals, industry websites, and bloggers commenting on the issue.

Sherrell became motivated to go on an education crusade when she learned that black women, who purchase and use more beauty products than other consumers, are heavily marketed toxic products. Through her work, she gives a voice to women of color who are often underserved and overlooked in the safe cosmetics industry.  Sherrell educates and inspires women to stop using personal care products that pollute their bodies (not to mention the environment) and shift their spending power to brands that are committed to selling safer products.

“As a woman of color, there often aren’t many eco-makeup brands that offer an array of colors that suit us as beauty buyers,” Sherrell says. “As a result, sometimes we’re forced to purchase the less-safe makeup because there are no options available.”

Sherrell shares the stories of eco-entrepreneurs who are changing the way we think about beauty and sustainability on her blog, Organic Beauty Vixen. From Seattle to New York City, she has hosted numerous panel discussions featuring health, wellness, and beauty experts from Fortune 500 Companies and national nonprofit organizations. Sherrell has also led self-image and beauty empowerment workshops for national organizations such as Girls Inc. and Inspired Girls International.

Through marketing and social media assistance, she supports entrepreneurs and small businesses that offer what she likes to call “better beauty” -- products with a greater social mission that promote better health for consumers and the environment.

Rockstar Tips from Sherrell
1. ALWAYS read your labels!
2. Less is more --- limit the amount of beauty booty you have and skip the drama.
3. Know the expiration dates of your products to ensure safety from bacteria growth.
4. Evangelize your friends into the world of safe cosmetics. Share your products and gift often!
5. Ditch toxic products one at a time to make your cosmetics revolution more sustainable and wallet-friendly.

Sherrell is all over the web! Feel free to reach out.

Instagram: @organicvixen

Star Bio
Sherrell Dorsey is an eco-glamour expert, speaker, social entrepreneur, author of Eco-Glamorous: A Fail-Proof Guide to Ditching Toxic Beauty Products, Protecting Your Health & Greening Your Beauty Routine, and creator of the popular eco-beauty blog Her mission: to use the principles of sustainable living and environmental responsibility as a catalyst in addressing the issues of poverty, health care, education, and economic injustices in America.

Sherrell has been a contributing writer on green technology, sustainability and environmental justice to publications like Black Enterprise, and Organic Spa Magazine. 

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