The Big Multinational’s Policies on the Use of Chemicals of Concern in Cosmetics

This chart summarizes the public-facing cosmetic safety policies, and restricted substances lists (RSL’s), of the world’s biggest cosmetics and personal care product companies. As the scientific evidence grows linking chemical exposure and disease, more and more consumers are demanding transparency from companies regarding the hazardous chemicals they will, and won’t use to formulate the personal care products we use every day. This chart indicates whether each company practices full fragrance ingredient disclosure and has a policy in place prohibiting the use of 16 chemicals (and contaminants) of concern in the cosmetic products they manufacture. The information we provide was gleaned from each company’s website or from correspondence with the company.


Big 7 check iconStrong policy Big 7 x iconNo policy  Big 7 neutral iconTransitional policy


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* indicates chemical linked to carcinogenicity
+ indicates chemical linked to endocrine disruption

DISCLAIMER- All information for this website came from each company’s own website.