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Action Alerts

Tell cosmetics companies, the FDA and others in charge of cosmetics that safe products are important to you. We post a new action every month.

Tell LíOreal: we demand cosmetics without cancer!
Sign our letter asking L'Oreal to stop putting women at risk by selling eye makeup with cancer-causing chemicals.

Tell P&G to remove cancer-causing chemicals from cosmetics!
Sign our letter asking P&G to stop putting women at risk by selling cosmetics with cancer-causing chemicals.

Gray is the new black! We love the men in our lives too much to let them use toxic hair dyes.
Tell the maker of Grecian Formula and Just for Men hair dyes to take menís health seriously and stop exposing the men we love to toxic chemicals.

Tell Dollar General: Toxic products are unacceptable at any price!
Other major companies have agreed to eliminate cocamide DEA, a carcinogen, from their shampoos and other personal care products.

Tell Walgreens: No more toxic cosmetics!
While other major retailers are taking steps toward selling safer products, Walgreens remains an industry laggard.

Tell Revlon if it really cares about womenís health, stop selling products that have cancer-causing chemicals!
Revlon says it cares about women affected by cancer. Through its Revlon Cares program, the company supports breast cancer causes. Then why do Revlon products contain cancer-causing chemicals?