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Tell Dollar General: Toxic products are unacceptable at any price!
Other major companies have agreed to eliminate cocamide DEA, a carcinogen, from their shampoos and other personal care products.

Tell Walgreens: No more toxic cosmetics!
While other major retailers are taking steps toward selling safer products, Walgreens remains an industry laggard.

Take action to fight the cosmetics industry's power grab and tell Congress it's time to pass the Safe Cosmetics Act!
Tell Congress it’s time for safe cosmetics legislation that will prevent exposure to harmful chemicals.

Tell Revlon if it really cares about women’s health, stop selling products that have cancer-causing chemicals!
Revlon says it cares about women affected by cancer. Through its Revlon Cares program, the company supports breast cancer causes. Then why do Revlon products contain cancer-causing chemicals?

Tell Walgreens to get toxic chemicals out of ALL of their baby products
Every baby—regardless of where his or her parents shop or what brand of baby products they buy—should be protected from unnecessary exposure to carcinogens and other toxic chemicals.

Be an Avon Shareholder and Cast Your Vote for Safe Cosmetics!
On May 2nd, Avon shareholders will meet in New York City, where they will have a unique opportunity to decide whether to make a real commitment to safe cosmetics. We may not own shares of Avon stock, but we have a real stake in the outcome of this vote!

Business Owners: Tell Congress You Want Strong Cosmetics Legislation
Businesses are working together to support the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013 (H.R. 1385) and we need your support.

Tell Congress We Want Safe Cosmetics!
Tell your Representative that safe cosmetics and personal care products are important to you and your family and ask him or her to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act.

Put a Stop to Secret Scents
Companies should disclose fragrance ingredients in products so that we have the choice to avoid certain ingredients like allergens. There is absolutely no reason why vital public health information should be kept a secret. Please tell the fragrance industry to stop keeping fragrance ingredients a secret!

Tell Avon to Kiss Toxics Goodbye!
Tell Avon to show us some love this Valentine’s Day by committing to Kiss Toxics Goodbye!

Tell Dolce & Gabbana that their baby perfume idea stinks
Take action today and call on Dolce & Gabbana Fragrance to reverse course and halt the development and sale of its baby cologne.

Demand Retailers Take Your Health Seriously
This holiday season, demand that retailers take your health seriously and give them a lump of coal until they do. Write to them today.

Avon, Walk the Walk: Get chemicals linked to breast cancer out of your products!
Help us tell Avon that if it wants to be “in it to end it,” it needs to stop using chemicals linked to cancer and other diseases in its products.

Help us challenge the other cosmetics giants to follow J&J's example
J&J has committed to removing carcinogens from all of its products. Demand that their competitors do the same!

Stand with Salon Workers for Safe Cosmetics!
Stand with salon workers in demanding safer products for a safer workplace! Write to your member of Congress today!

The Kiss Lead Goodbye! Contest Winner
Watch the winning entry from the Kiss Lead Goodbye! Contest.

L’Oreal: Get the lead out of lipstick!
The FDA has found higher levels of lead than ever in L'Oreal lipstick. Tell L’Oreal the company owes women a huge apology and a commitment to make lipstick without lead.

Ask the FDA to follow through on their warning to Brazilian Blowout
The FDA warned Brazilian Blowout in August to stop deceiving salons and customers about the level of formaldehyde in their products. Ask them to follow through on that warning.

What's Procter & Gamble Really Doing About Breast Cancer?
P&G is donating money for breast cancer detection. But what about the chemicals in its cosmetics that are linked to the disease?

Ask Bath & Body Works to Clean Up Triclosan
This retailer's antibacterial soaps and lotions are marketed to developing young girls and teens...yet they contain the toxic pesticide triclosan.