Walgreens: At the Corner of Toxic & Unhealthy
While other major retailers are taking steps toward selling safer products, Walgreens remains an industry laggard. Tell Walgreens: no more toxic cosmetics!
This isn't pretty
The cosmetics industry’s vision of cosmetics safety reform is atrocious—and even the FDA has rejected draft legislation that, if passed, would undercut cosmetics safety.
VICTORY! J&J reformulated its baby products
We convinced Johnson & Johnson to phase out chemicals linked to cancer from its baby products. That commitment has become a reality.
Tell Revlon to Care About Your Health!
Revlon claims to care about breast cancer causes. Tell Revlon if it really cares, stop selling products with cancer-causing chemicals!
VICTORY! Walmart to remove toxics storewide!
Walmart announces decision to stop selling cosmetics containing a hit list of toxic chemicals. This news is expected to send shock waves throughout the marketplace.
Retailer Therapy
When it comes to safe cosmetics, some retail stores are leading the way and some are falling behind. Demand they all take your health seriously!
Latest News & Updates
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March 6, 2014 / FDA Rejects Cosmetics Industry’s Draft Legislation
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February 20, 2014 / Tribute to Horst Rechelbacher, the Father of Safe Cosmetics, by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Breast Cancer Fund
The founder of Aveda Corp. and Intelligent Nutrients dies at 72 read more »
January 15, 2014 / New Study Finds Exposure to Toxic Phthalates in Decline; Consumer Demand for Safe Cosmetics a Factor
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