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Thousands of clean cosmetic companies are joining with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to make safer, non-toxic beauty products the new normal.

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6 steps to becoming a safe cosmetics industry leader

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Ways to Partner with Us

Check out our Partnerships Guide! We partner with like-minded businesses that are aligned with our mission to grow the marketplace of safer, non-toxic beauty and personal care products for everyone. 

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Join our Business Network

Our network of clean cosmetics companies work together to advocate for meaningful, health protective cosmetic safety laws. 

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Event sponsorship

Provide support for events year round, from outdoor challenges to film screenings, to spread the word about safe cosmetics and fundraise for the cause. 

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We would love to hear from you if you’d like to donate funds or products to support our mission. Contact wendy@bcpp.org or give today! 

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Cause marketing

Companies have the opportunity to tie the sales of their products to their support of the Campaign’s work. 

Join Our Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Business Network

Do you sell safe, non-toxic cosmetics and personal care products? Together, we can educate consumers, change laws, and grow market demand for safer, healthier beauty products for all

About Our Business Network

Since 2003, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a program of Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, has led the movement to eliminate dangerous chemicals linked to cancer and other serious health concerns from beauty and personal care products. We are committed to making beauty and personal care products safer while fostering a vibrant, green economy that creates new opportunities for sustainable businesses.

We work with nearly 1,000 forward-thinking companies known as the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Business Network to transform the outdated cosmetics industry and move toward a new standard: ingredient transparency and safer, non-toxic products for everyone.

Our Business Network is a group of retailers, manufacturers, formulators, business owners and other members of the cosmetics and personal care products industry that work with us to:

  1. Stimulate the innovation of the safe, non-toxic personal care products that the world market is demanding;
  2.  Protect consumers, workers and the environment from exposure to chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive harm and other adverse health impacts; and
  3. Ensure everyone in the U.S. has access to safe personal care products, regardless of geography and income.
  4. Advocate for stronger, more health protective state and federa cosmetic safety laws so everyone has access to safe cosmetics

Here are some ways that Business Network members support the Campaign:


  • Link to www.safecosmetics.org on your website and let people know you’re a member of the Business Network
  • Share our print and online materials with customers, suppliers, and other members of your network

Spread the Word

  • Share Campaign action alerts and social media posts
  • Blog about safer cosmetics and related topics
  • Promote Campaign reports, videos and initiatives
  • Submit comments, letters to the editor, or opinion pieces to online and print media outlets

Show Up and Chime In

  • Support or attend educational events and community forums
  • Join legislative advocacy efforts in person and online
  • Join Campaign conference calls, webinars and meetings to learn more and offer your ideas

Join Our Business Network

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