Toxic Chemicals in Personal Care Products: The Need for the Toxic Free Beauty Act

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It’s no secret that the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar business. However, what is often unknown to consumers is the number of toxic chemicals in personal care products and cosmetics.   While we all want to look and feel our best, using products laden with toxic chemicals will only do more harm than good in […]

Clearya: Shop Nontoxic Cosmetics & Personal Care 

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What is Clearya?  Clearya is a free (love it) browser extension and mobile app that automatically scans the products you’re considering purchasing for harmful toxins, allergens, and more. It can be added to Google Chrome for desktop browsing or downloaded on the Apple app store or Google Play for mobile devices.   Clearya is designed to […]

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straighteners

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Introduction Some women with curly hair would do anything for straight hair; but when offered the choice between formaldehyde and frizz, which would you choose? Lots of products on the market and in salons are promising just that – fuss-free straight hair that lasts for months. While that may sound appealing at first, you likely […]

Cars Aren’t the Only Thing Polluting Our Air

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Governor Newsom made history today, by signing the Cosmetic Fragrance and Flavor Ingredient Right to Know Act of 2020 (SB312-Leyva) into law, making California the first government in the world to require the public disclosure of hazardous fragrance and flavor ingredients.

The Dirty Truth

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With escalating concerns about the chemicals in everyday beauty products, a battle is raging online, and now, in DC. Martha McCully investigates.

Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act Would Ban Cosmetics With Chemicals Linked to Cancer or Reproductive Harm

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Yesterday, the California Assembly reintroduced the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act (A.B. 2762). This important bill seeks to ban 12 extremely hazardous ingredients from beauty and personal care products sold in California including mercury, 4 types of formaldehyde, 2 phenylenediamine chemicals found in hair dye and some of the worst phthalates, parabens and PFAS “forever” chemicals. All […]

‘Clean’ or ‘natural’ beauty products aren’t always safe, experts say

Excerpt from the Washington Post October, 2019 | By Carolyn Crist “Arbitrary descriptions of products as “clean” or “natural” are not regulated, and many of these products contain high concentrations of ingredients that can cause irritation and allergies, the authors write in an editorial in JAMA Dermatology.

What’s in your kids’ makeup? Asbestos recalls prompt regulation questions

The Guardian

Excerpt from the Guardian June 2019 | By Lauren Zanolli Health advocates and the FDA say the extent of contamination of the cancer-causing material in cosmetics remains unknown, with no laws requiring testing “It is appalling that it’s perfectly legal to sell kids makeup in this country contaminated with asbestos – a known human carcinogen,” […]

Why Smelling Good Comes With A Price? Experts Reveal

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Excerpt from International Business Times By Ilin Mathew  Personal care products are currently made using more than 4,000 chemicals, but few of these names ever make it to the ingredients list on the label. Fragrance formulations are protected from disclosure to anyone, including manufacturers and regulators. It is because they are considered a “trade secret”. The only […]

US cosmetics are full of chemicals banned by Europe – why?

The Guardian

Excerpt from The Guardian By Oliver Milman A brief but telling piece of legislation was put forward in Connecticut in January. Just three lines in length, the bill calls for any cosmetics in the state to “meet the chemical safety standards established by the European Union”. The move, unlikely to be made law, is the latest signal […]

Clean cosmetics: The science behind the trend

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Excerpt from Harvard Health Publishing | Harvard Medical School March 4, 2019 | By Molly Wanner, MD, Contributor, and Neera Nathan, MD, MSHS, Contributor “The clean cosmetics movement seems to have arisen from frustration over regulatory oversight of cosmetics and personal care products (lotions, toothpastes, shampoos, etc). The FDA passed the Federal Food, Drug and […]

Landmark Report Reveals Secret Fragrance Chemicals in Beauty, Personal Care, and Cleaning Products Linked to Harm to Human Health & Environment

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Today Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP) released a landmark report — Right to Know: Exposing Toxic Fragrance Chemicals in Beauty, Personal Care and Cleaning Products. The report exposes the presence of harmful fragrance chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption, reproductive harm, and respiratory toxicity that did not appear on the label.

Proctor and Gamble Announces New Fragrance Ingredient Disclosure Policy

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Proctor and Gamble officially joined the race to the top for fragrance ingredientdisclosure. The multinational giant announced an ambitious, new fragrance transparency policy for itsconsumer product portfolio, including beauty and cleaning products. By 2019, P&G pledged to begindisclosing the “secret” fragrance ingredients in over 2000 of its beauty, fabric, home and femininehygiene products in the […]

BCPP Petitions FDA to Ban Lead Acetate from Hair Dye

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. —Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP), Environmental Working Group (EWG), National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Earthjustice, Center for Environmental Healthy, Healthy Homes Collaborative, Health Justice Project of Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Improving Kids’ Environment, Consumers Union, Howard Mielke, and Environmental Defense Fund are calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) […]

Toxic Chemicals Found in Kids’ Makeup Products- What Will You Shop for This Halloween?

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New report by the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners shows you should be worried about more than checking your children’s Halloween candy this year. For Immediate Release: October 13, 2016Contact: Erika Wilhelm, (415) 321-2920, SAN FRANCISCO – Findings from the new report published today show potentially harmful chemicals could be in the products marketed to your kids. […]

The Ugly Truth About Makeup


Janet Nudelman, Director of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, speaks to Al Jazeera about the toxic ingredients in cosmetics.

Chemical linked to breast cancer found in popular anti-aging skin care products

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New report from Breast Cancer Fund’s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reveals toxic contaminants in L’Oréal Garnier and P&G Cover Girl products. For Immediate Release: October 14, 2015Contact: Erika Wilhelm, (415) 321-2920 SAN FRANCISCO – Newly published test results show that a toxic contaminant linked to cancer known as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) was found in anti-aging products from […]

Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers

The New York Times

Some ingredients used in nail products have been tied to cancer, miscarriages, lung diseases and other ailments. The industry has long fought regulations. by Sarah Maslin NirMay 8, 2015 Each time a customer pulled open the glass door at the nail shop in Ridgewood, Queens, where Nancy Otavalo worked, a cheerful chorus would ring out […]

The Human Experiment

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What if the greatest chemical disaster of our time wasn’t an oil spill or a nuclear meltdown, but instead, constant, low-level chemical exposures affecting every person on the planet? The Sean Penn film “The Human Experiment” lifts the veil on the shocking reality that thousands of untested chemicals are in our everyday products, our homes […]

Under pressure: campaigns that persuaded companies to change the world

The Guardian

by Marc Gunther Hard-hitting activist campaigns against big corporations have become part of the sustainability landscape. Some change the world. Some change little. Telling the difference between one and the other isn’t easy. Consider this example of a victory that is less than it seemed at the time: when the Breast Cancer Fund accused Revlon of using […]

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Stands its Ground

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The Campaign’s director of science responds to “misinformation” charges by L’Oreal and the Personal Care Products Council For Immediate Release: Thursday, January 15, 2015Contact: Margie Kelly, 541.222.9699, SAN FRANCISCO—The director of science for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics issued the following response to L’Oreal USA, which is claiming via Twitter that the Campaign’s “Cosmetics […]

Revlon Eliminating Toxic Chemicals From Cosmetics

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For Immediate Release: Monday, December 22, 2014 After defending its use of carcinogens, Revlon reformulates to stake a claim in the growing safe cosmetics market SAN FRANCISCO – Revlon just got a makeover. Cosmetics giant Revlon has overhauled its ingredients list, vowing to eliminate some of the most toxic cosmetic chemicals from its makeup, mascaras and […]

L’Oreal Eye Makeup, Kids’ Shampoo Contain Cancer-Causing Chemicals

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For Immediate Release: December 10, 2014 SAN FRANCISCO – L’Oreal USA, which has built its brand on glamour and global beauty, sells cosmetics made with chemicals linked to cancer, including eye makeup, children’s shampoos, nail polish, and more, according to research conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. In a letter to L’Oreal USA President and […]

Campaign For Safe Cosmetics Tells Procter & Gamble To Make Cosmetics Without Cancer

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For Immediate Release: October 1, 2014 Popular P&G cosmetics contain carcinogens, including Cover Girl, Max Factor, Olay, and a Pantene hair product with a pink ribbon supporting breast cancer awareness SAN FRANCISCO – Cancer-causing chemicals are present in many different types and brands of cosmetics and personal care products found on store shelves across America, according […]

First-Ever Legal Agreements Seek To End Use Of Cancer-Causing Chemical In Shampoos

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For Immediate Release: May 5th, 2014 OAKLAND, CA–The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) announced today it has reached the first-ever legal agreements with major companies, including Colgate Palmolive, Saks Inc., Walgreens and 23 others requiring the companies to end their use of the cancer-causing chemical cocamide DEA in shampoos and other personal care products. But […]

Avon Phases Out Toxic Triclosan From Cosmetics

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For Immediate Release: April 1, 2014 SAN FRANCISCO—Facing pressure from shareholders and consumers who want safer cosmetics, Avon announced today it will phase out the toxic chemical triclosan from its beauty and personal care products. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics congratulated Avon, while pushing the company to take further actions to improve the safety of its cosmetics. […]

FDA Rejects Cosmetics Industry’s Draft Legislation

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For Immediate Release: March 6, 2014 SAN FRANCISCO—Michael Taylor of the Food and Drug Administration issued a scathing letter today expressing his “profound disappointment” with draft legislation the agency received from the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) and the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMD)—two cosmetics industry trade associations—outlining their vision of federal cosmetics regulatory reform. […]

Women take on the cosmetics industry

San Jose Mercury News

by Heather Somerville, San Jose Mercury News October 9th, 2013 It began more than a decade ago with four women who wondered whether the hair spray, perfume and shampoo they were using every day were safe. Their quest to find an answer led them to their neighborhood drugstores, where they spent hours reading the labels […]

Campaign gets companies to make safer cosmetics

by Linda A. Johnson, The Associated Press November 30th, 2011 TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — More than 400 companies selling cosmetic and other personal care products have removed potentially hazardous chemicals from them, after a seven-year campaign by a large coalition of consumer, health and environmental groups. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics said Wednesday that those […]

Brazilian Blowout blowup

The Philadelphia Inquirer

By Sandy Bauers, Inquirer GreenSpace Columnist Tuesday, November 9, 2010 The quest for beauty is often fraught with compromises. There’s lead in some lipsticks. And how many of our cosmetics are tested on animals? The latest controversy is over a popular hair treatment called the Brazilian blowout, which is a professional smoothing treatment that eliminates […]

Perfume protest: Teens storm “toxic” Abercrombie & Fitch


by Allie Townsend Oct. 04, 2010 Ridiculous teen franchise finally protested for being ridiculous? Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Last week, teen activists protested the chain store’s practice of pumping the air full of its cologne, which they claim contains harmful chemicals responsible for killing, yes, sperm. Once the enigma of cool, Abercrombie has […]

Cleaning up baby products

The New York Times

by Abby Ellin, New York Times May 27th, 2009 In March, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reported finding formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane, a trace contaminant of some chemicals used in cosmetics, detergents and shampoos, in 55 children’s personal-care products. The chemicals are listed as probable human carcinogens by the Environmental Protection Agency. Seventeen of them — […]