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The Cost of Straight Hair

The Cut

The products Black women rely on to give their locks body and shine are now alleged to give them cancer, too. The brand’s shampoo, used to rinse out the relaxing cream, had the most harmful chemicals out of 32 personal-care products tested by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners [the Campaign’s parent organization] in 2018, including four […]

Many Personal Care Products Contain Harmful Chemicals. Here’s What to Do About It.​

The New York Times

By New York Times Journalist Knvul Sheikh February 15, 2023 Cosmetics and personal care products are notoriously under regulated. Companies often spruce up labels with words like “naturally derived,” “nontoxic” and “clean” — which sound good but are basically just marketing terms. How is the average consumer supposed to sort through which chemicals might do […]

Big Federal Cosmetic Policy Reform Enacted

Federal Safe Cosmetics Reform Victory

We are thankful for the advancements made in cosmetic safety represented by the passage of the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulations Act of 2022. Still, we must address critical gaps in cosmetic safety that impact everyone, especially women of color and professional salon workers. 

Black is Beautiful: The Black Beauty Project

The Non-Toxic Black Beauty Project

By Tianna Shaw-Wakeman, Environmental Justice Program Coordinator, Black Women for Wellness, and a Advisory Committee Member of the Black Beauty Project When I was a little girl, I would have done anything for straight hair because I was socialized to believe that beautiful hair wasn’t curly. I was so insistent that, against her better judgment, […]

Ingredients You Should Avoid In Your Haircare Products

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You might not think there is anything wrong with using a shampoo that smells fruity or perfumed. However, synthetic fragrances are often made up of proprietary blends with thousands of ingredients, some of which potentially have serious health effects.

AcARRE’s Tracey Hicks-Kearse: Black-Owned Beauty Brand Founder and Chief Chemist


Featured on CSC’s List of Top Non-Toxic Black Beauty Brands and Non-Toxic Black Beauty Database, we spoke to AcARRE Founder, CEO, and Chief Chemist Tracey Hicks-Kearse about how she is using her clean beauty line to carry on a family legacy of entrepreneurship. Tracey’s Story Tracey, Founder, CEO, and Chief Chemist of AcARRE comes from […]

Top Black-Owned Beauty Brand JACQ’S Skincare CEO & Founder: Barbara Jacques

Barbara Jacques Founder Jacqs Skincare

Featured on CSC’s List of Top Non-Toxic Black Beauty Brands and Non-Toxic Black Beauty Database, we spoke to JACQ’S Founder and CEO Barbara Jacques about how a health scare during her pregnancy inspired her to create a vegan skincare line created for women of color by women of color. Barbara’s Story Barbara Jacques is the […]

Bask & Bloom: Top Black-Owned Beauty Brand

Bask-and-Bloom hair products

We spoke to CSC Top Non-Toxic Black Beauty Brand Bask & Bloom Essentials Founder and CEO Candera Thompson on how a background in business and entrepreneurship and a personal experience with postpartum shedding led her to create a natural solution to address hair loss. Candera’s Story Candera Thompson is a mom-of-three who endured severe postpartum […]

Top Black-Owned Beauty Brand NAIWBE Founder & CEO: Sylvia Walker

NAIWBE nontoxic black owned beauty breand

Featured on CSC’s List of Top Non-Toxic Black Beauty Brands and Non-Toxic Black Beauty Database, we spoke to NAIWBE Founder & CEO Sylvia Walker on how her dry skin issues and career as a nurse inspired her to create organic skincare products. Sylvia’s Story Sylvia Walker founded NAIWBE in 2011 after seeking a solution to […]

Top Black-Owned Beauty Brand Meraki Founder & CEO: Amber Makupson


After suffering a serious chemical burn from an over-the-counter beauty product, Amber Makupson was fed up of the toxic ingredients damaging so many other women and decided to create Meraki Organics, a non-toxic vegan haircare brand infused with gemstones to nourish skin, hair, body and soul.

Top Black-Owned Beauty Brand CurlyCoilyTresses Creator & CEO: Angela Fields


Featured on CSC’s List of Top Non-Toxic Black Beauty Brands and Non-Toxic Black Beauty Database, we spoke to CurlyCoilyTresses® Creator and CEO Angela Fields about how an accident with a chemical relaxer led her to create a line of clean and safe products for natural hair. Angela’s Story The story of CurlyCoilyTresses® began when creator […]

VICTORY: J&J to Stop Selling Toxic Talc-Based Baby Powder Globally

New Press Release

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics welcomed the news that Johnson & Johnson will no longer sell its talc-based baby powder globally given our concern – and the concern of consumers everywhere – with the talc-asbestos-cancer connection. However, the multinational giant’s decision to discontinue global sales of its toxic baby powder, beginning in 2023, comes only after global […]

Create Your Own At-Home DIY Hand Soap

DIY Nontoxic Hand Soap Recipe Ecologic X BCPP ft Erika Wilhelm

Together with our partners at Ecologic, we’ve developed numerous DIY recipes for various personal care and cleaning products for people who want to have more control over what ingredients they interact with. The DIY hand soap below can be whipped up with just a few simple, non-toxic ingredients, and is just as effective as store-bought […]

Create Your Own At-Home Non-Toxic Body Wash


Conscious consumers look out for toxic ingredients on product labels. However, some of the chemicals found in body washes may not be listed on the label at all. In fact, the word “fragrance” on an ingredient list is a generic label that can actually hide dozens or more potentially harmful chemicals. Now before you swear […]

Lead In Lipstick

dark red lipstick makeup

Research by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found lead and other toxic metals in a surprising number of lipsticks.

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